Neil Bernardi-Wright, L.Ac., FABORM
Alana Ramey-Bernardi, L.Ac. 
 Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

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About Alana and Neil
From Neil...

I've spent the last 30 years investigating various systems and philosophies of both well-being and health maintenance. My interests have included a variety of dietary systems (macrobiotics, raw food, and vegetarianism, to name a few), as well as mind/body systems such as yoga, tai chi and meditation. In particular, it was chi gong, with its system of flowing movements simlar to tai chi that lead me into acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I graduated from the Master's Degree program at the Five Branches Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1993 and passed both the California State and National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncturists (NCCA) exams a few months later. Having a chance to study with the faculty at Five Branches, who are all from mainland China, gave me an opportunity for a solid grounding in the traditional Chinese medical framework on health and the causes of disease, both as it has been practiced for thousands of years and how it intersects with modern, “Western” medical practice.

Since receiving my license, I've been fortunate to study extensively with Dr. Richard Tan, a renowned acupuncturist from Taiwan, and have had the opportunity study Tong point acupuncture with Susan Johnson. My practice started out focusing primarily on pain management (musculoskeletal and headaches/migraines), autoimmune disease, allergies, stress management, anxiety, sleep disorders, and health maintenance, and I still maintain a strong interest in these areas. Several years ago I developed an interest in working with male and female infertility issues, and this currently makes up over half my practice.

I feel very fortunate to live and work on the Central Coast, and to be part of this vibrant community. I invite you to contact me or Alana with any questions you may have or to make an appointment to discuss your particular health concerns.


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