Neil Bernardi-Wright, L.Ac., FABORM
Alana Ramey-Bernardi, L.Ac. 
 Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

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 Patient commitment: we realize health care decisions are rarely made lightly, and this includes choosing a health care provider. We offer free consultations so you can have a chance to meet us and discuss your situation and needs. We do our best to explain what Chinese medicine has to offer you and welcome any questions you may have. For established IVF patients, we make ourselves available 7 days a week including holidays for pre- and post-transfer treatments, this way these treatments can be done as close as possible to the time of transfer.

Integrative medicine: all medical systems have their strengths and weaknesses. It is the responsibility of the provider to realize the limits of their style of care and discuss this with the patient. What this means for you, the patient, is that there may be times when we will suggest you check in with another provider about some particular issue. It is also often the case that eastern and western medical systems are complimentary- they fill in each other’s weak spots. This can be particularly true for fertility patients. There are insights into reproductive issues that western medicine can provide that can shorten the treatment time. By working together you may get a positive response sooner.

Patient involvement: knowledgeable patients get well sooner and stay healthy longer. We explain what we are doing and why and welcome any questions you may have. We usually offer lifestyle suggestions (dietary, exercise, and stress management amongst others) that can help with your situation. These are offered as suggestions- they are not requirements for care.

You: We enter into a partnership of care with you in regards to your health. Because Chinese medicine looks on each individual as being complete and whole, not a collection of individual parts, this partnership includes the physical, emotional and mental aspects of your health.

Our services include:

Chinese Herbology

We specialize in treating:

Pain (Pain Management)
Stress related conditions (IBS, insomnia, anxiety)
Autoimmune issues
Women's health issues


We are "Preferred Providers" for many insurance plans and can take care of the billing for you.

Call for an appointment

Los Gatos: (408) 402-1849

Santa Cruz: (831) 325-9691

We've chosen two Chinese ideagrams to represent our philosophy of medical practice and of life: He and Yi.  
He is "Balance"
Yi is "Happiness from the heart"

We hope to work from a position of balance and from the heart of our family to yours 


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